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June 07, 2019

Sell It..Start planning now!

Do you need to sell your yearbooks? When do you start planning? May I humbly suggest you start now?

I know it sounds early, but it’s really not. Just take a couple of minutes and think about next year right now in the middle of the hustle and bustle of June. It will have huge payoffs when September hits. I promise.

First and foremost, order your marketing supplies early. This is a huge timesaver. If you order now before September, you will have all your marketing tools at your fingertips when you get back to school in the fall!

The second step is to plan what you’re going to do and make sure it’s visible to your whole yearbook class or crew.

By using the calendar below (also located in yearbook kit)  you can strategically plan your events.

  • Find your biggest events and mark them in the calendar, then use those dates to do your sales blitz (Info Days, Parent Teacher, Homecoming, etc)
  • Make sure you also plan large sales blitz weeks sometime in September, January and early spring (depending on delivery)

There are many other calendars to use that are just as effective in helping with your sales.  Google Calendars is a great online resource.  See Here

You can also find more printable calendars to use for your sales blitz on pinterest as well as different ideas.  See Here!

When planning your Sell It! Calendar, you are definitely not on your own.  If you need any help with ideas or how to go about it, please always feel free to contact your Friesens Print Consultant or Customer Service Specialist!

Kevin Peters
Friesens Yearbook Consultant