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February 19, 2020

Passion for Work and Life

Passion for Work and Life

What matters to you? What excites you? What are you passionate about?

When asked these questions, most of us come up with some of the same answers – family, friends, health and safety, happiness, hobbies, healthy finances – just to name a few. All these are fueled by our own engagement, and our workplace is no different. Coming to work with an engaged mindset (being passionate or excited about what we do) has the opportunity to impact everything we care about.

Most of us agree that we are looking for a good life for ourselves and those close to us – so how do we achieve that? It is through perseverance and persistence that we build the life that we want. There are curves in the road of life that require adjustment from time to time, but if we have a common goal then we make those adjustments and we keep on the path.

Our work life is no different. We need to be passionate about what we do, so that we might have a positive impact on those impacted in our business, and those who benefit as a result of the business that we do.

This year at Print Fair, we explored the idea of passion in relation to our work and our lives. The whole day was geared toward helping us understand that being passionate, zealous, engaged in what we do has a profound impact on our immediate and extended environments.

We learned:

– We are passionate about the details related to our business – print, binding, presentation, and memories.

– We are passionate about driving our business forward through capital investments in technology

and machinery, and a building expansion. All to create more opportunity for growth.

– We are passionate about our wellness. When life is hard and we need support, we are passionate about having the right kind of help available to us.

– We are passionate about making a difference in our corporate donations to support those charities we value and believe in.

– We are passionate about sharing our story and the stories of others. We work hard at making sure that all have a voice in their own story.

– We are passionate about safety and knowing how to stay safe each day at work.

– We are passionate about recognition. We believe that acknowledgement of service at Friesens is important to show appreciation for those who have dedicated their time to our collective success.

You and I decide for ourselves how we will approach 2020. What we do, how we engage, how passionate we are about Friesens’ success, and our own lives, is in our hands. What will you do with 2020?