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June 22, 2020

Open for Business

In keeping with the physical distancing rules that have become almost common-place, Friesens has continued operations throughout these challenging times, but doing so in compliance with government regulations amid the COVID-19 outbreak. As employee-owners we have not treated this pandemic lightly and have not only considered the physical well-being of our fellow employees, but also their social, mental, and financial well-being. That being said, we have remained fully staffed, continuing to work at a steady pace, whether maintaining that physical distancing in-office or remaining safe in a home office setting.

Now that restrictions have lifted in many areas, we are gearing up for a resurgence in business for the summer/fall months, ready to serve our customers’ needs in all capacities. As mentioned in previous articles and media releases, Friesens continues to grow and invest in new technology, equipment, software updates, training, and facility expansion in order to handle all aspects of production in-house. We continue to streamline our operations through continuous improvement to provide quick turnarounds for our customers’ projects in anticipation of a busy summer/fall season.  In addition to these improvements and enhanced marketing strategies, we are also able to provide our customers with a growing list of stocked papers for text and  covers to fit all types of book styles, and budget needs. As always, we are proud of our commitment to the environment, using FSC certified paper. Our goal is to help our customers source and incorporate environmentally friendly solutions whenever possible. 

If you have not planned and booked your upcoming book projects, we encourage you to consider doing that now. Connect with your Friesens representative, who can advise you on current loading and capacity and can help ensure you get your books when you need them. We have an important objective: to manage our business so we can provide you with accurate schedules and delivery dates.

Friesens is no stranger to challenging times and has weathered every storm successfully throughout our 113-year history. Instead of dwelling on the ups and downs of the past however, we prefer to concentrate our efforts on preparing for the inevitable: a future beyond COVID-19 and steady growth ahead.