Blog | Motivation

February 25, 2020


The road to a finished yearbook is long and exhausting. At this time of year staff morale may be at an all time low and your progress may begin to stall. Now is the time for some motivation to push though. 

People are motivated by different things. Consider some of the following encouragement that are both serious and entertaining to help your staff perform at their optimum level. 

  • Show your progress. Look back and see how far you have come. Take a moment to celebrate all you have accomplished so far. Use a crossed off page ladder or create infographics to help illustrate your point.
  • Take a break and plan an activity that has nothing to do with the yearbook. Watch a movie, plan a theme party, play board games or go out to eat. The idea is to get your staff together outside their normal environment. 
  • Plan a team building activity or games. These are great at enforcing the idea that you need to work as a team to complete the yearbook. 
  • Food is a great motivator. Take 15 minutes and enjoy donuts, cookies, cupcakes, pizza, ice cream bars, etc. 
  • Recognition. Single out students and praise their accomplishments. Have an award that can be passed around when someone does something great. 
  • Think of this as halftime and you are the coach. Give a rousing speech to light a fire under your team. If motivational speaking is not your thing, have your staff watch one from your favourite sports movie. 
  • Review old goals and create new ones. Figure out what you have left to do and create a timeline on when it will be completed. Now is the time to jump back in. 
  • Make it a game with incentives. Provide small rewards (coffee gift cards) when tasks are accomplished. 
  • Be positive about your progress. You set the tone and your team will follow your lead. 

Final motivational thought. “The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.”