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March 16, 2015

March Yearbook List

Do you feel it? It’s really starting to get busy isn’t it. The deadlines are close, the pages are being proofed and your nerves are starting to fray like a tight rope that has seen too many travellers.

Here are a few tips to keep your students and staff in harmony.

Food – People are always happier when there is food around. It will also encourage people to stay and help after school if there are some small snacks available. It will also increase morale and occasionally work as a bribe to help get things done.

Prizes or Awards – After each deadline get your yearbook team to vote for one person who did an exceptional job during this deadline. There could be all sorts of awards (best photo, best story, best spread, best attitude…etc). It could also just be a recognition award. This will raise morale and encourage students to work hard.

Respect – Creating a respectful environment can make everything run a little smoother; you won’t have to battle relationships as you are fighting to meet a deadline.

Increase Student Leadership – Allowing students to have more authority when it comes to yearbook builds investment and ownership. This increases moral and work ethic as they will own their tasks and work together to get them done. Sometimes it’s easier to get help from a peer then a teacher.

Relationships – Take time to build relationships. Take a moment to play a fun little game. This helps when tensions are high and emotions are stressed.

Have fun!
Odia Reimer
Marketing Coordinator

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.”
– Confucius