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November 01, 2017


Recently I was asked about what we at Friesens are doing to be a good steward of our environment. A variety of things in relation to our company, our community, and our industry were discussed. I was reminded of the importance of partnering with suppliers who understand our vision and values in this area, and that we all play a role in this effort.

Following are some interesting facts and figures relating to understanding our impact on the environment.

Paper Facts

  •  We use approximately 13,000 tons of paper a year.
  •  Approximately 90% of that paper is FSC certified.
  •  Coated paper – 100% of what we use is FSC certified
  •  Uncoated paper – approximately 80% of the paper we use is FSC certified
  •  Trade market books – what percentage of books we produce are on recycled paper?
  •  100% of the paper from the pressroom, bindery, prepress, and our offices is bailed and recycled. That translates into about 120 truckloads of recycled material leaving our plant every year.
  • Friesens developed an eco calculator for customers to use so they can see the trees, water, and energy saved when using recycled paper.

Pressroom Facts

  •  We use vegetable-based inks.
  •  We use alcohol-free blanket wash.
  •  We minimize waste by using reusable rags.
  •  We use rreusable skids.
  •  We receive our ink in reusable barrels.
  •  We recycled 267,000 lbs. of aluminum plates last year.

Other Facts

  •  Hydro electric power and wind farms provide energy for our plant.
  •  We were the first FSC certified printing company in Canada.
  •  We created a waste management system that helps us successfully track our waste and minimize it for the production of your books.
  •  We eliminated the use of Styrofoam cups and trays in our lunchrooms.
  •  We participate in our local community recycling program so at home staff can minimize any garbage going to our landfill.