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August 24, 2017

New Equipment!


Heidelberg has competed installation and training of the new cover press. While this press is smaller than its predecessor, at twenty-nine inches it comes fitted with the latest in technology designed to meet our needs for short-run cover production. It is a five-colour plus aqueous coating configuration. The press comes with automation which will improve efficiency and quality with an inline spectrophotometer, an autoloader that mounts all five plates at the same time, and a Prinect Press Center control console.

Heidelberg has tagged the press as Push to Stop technology as it can be set up with a queue of up to thirty jobs ready to print and will stop when the jobs are all run. It will load ink files and plates without operator interruption, printing the desired quantities as set out in the job configuration on the console. With inline colour adjustments being made automatically to maintain colour consistency throughout the run, there is little need to pull sheets and adjust during the run.


Congratulations to Guy, Jorge, and Benjamin on completing the training and beginning to run in live production


Konica-Minolta, the Canadian representative for MGI, has competed installation and training of the Jetvarnish 3D machine.

The 3D version is an upgrade to our previous model from the same manufacturer, with some much sought-after advancements in technology and effects. This model includes a camera feature that scans each sheet as it enters the machine, and adjusts the position of the varnish lay down for any slight variations in proportion or position of the image on the sheet as it passes through the machine. This greatly improves the ability for tight register of varnish to the printed image. Another new feature is the ability to increase the thickness of varnish, producing a tactile feel similar to embossing with a high gloss finish.

With the new features, you can expect to see some interesting designs coming through the plant as customers learn what they can achieve with this new technology.

Josh Friesen operating the new Jetvarnish 3D