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Carey Kehler History Book Consultant | Manitoba & North Dakota | Canada & USA

I enjoy travelling, photography, gardening, music, nature, a good thunderstorm, and getting together with friends and family. I also play bass guitar in a blues band and occasionally in our church worship band. I am also on a restoration committee that restores old Mennonite housebarns in the village of Neubergthal.

My wife and I have got married in 1976 and have two adult sons. We have two cats, both of which are “rescue” animals that showed up at our house as kittens.
One of the best parts of my job is to see a book come to life from just a thought, idea or concept. Preserving memories with ink on paper is absolutely essential if we wish to keep history alive for future generations.

Carey Kehler
Phone: 1.888.324.9725 ext 103
Email: careyk@friesens.com

Catherine Holland History Book Consultant | Saskatchewan

In 2005 I moved to Saskatchewan from Ontario to become a yearbook consultant at Friesens. Recently Friesens asked me to join the history book team and I was excited take on the challenge. I believe that preserving our past is crucial for future generations. Before working with Friesens I graduated from Ryerson University’s Graphic Communications Management program. When I’m not traveling around the province of Saskatchewan helping schools create amazing yearbooks and groups recording our history I spend my time with my husband and our two energetic little girls. I also hold the position of councilor for the Town of Qu’Appelle.

Catherine Holland
Phone: 306.501.0792
Email: catherineh@friesens.com


Jim Beckel History Book Consultant | Alberta & British Columbia | Canada

Since 1976 I have been connecting with communities, corporations, and families all over Western Canada to help them create their unique history books. Through this process I have had the privilege of being involved in over 300 family, corporate, and community history books. In addition to this I worked with book publishers in Alberta for 20 years and was honored when they recognized me with the Contribution to Alberta Publishing Award in 2009 for my time working with them.

Please contact me if you have questions on how to get started on your history book. I would be happy to come to your community to answer any questions you might have on researching, editing, funding (grants), selling your books, and of course introducing you to the Friesens history book program. Friesens provides ongoing service to history book groups that can answer the questions that come up as the book progresses. These service calls are included at no additional cost.

Corporations often require experienced researchers, writers and editors and with my many years in publishing, I have the contacts to help you in this area.

Jim Beckel
Phone: 403.250.3486
Email: jimb@friesens.com


Lynda Hiebert Customer Service Specialist | Canada & USA

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and especially my grandchildren. I also enjoy reading, quilting and gardening.

I have worked with history books at Friesens for many years, and my favourite part of the job is meeting the people from the various committees across Canada and beyond. I get a great deal of pleasure and take pride in helping each group bring their book from a concept to a finished product that they will treasure.

I am here to help answer your questions and guide you through the process of creating your book. I look forward to working on your book project with you.

Lynda Hiebert
Phone: 1.888.324.9725 ext 281
Email: lyndah@friesens.com

Ron Such

Ron Such History Book Consultant | Ontario

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website!  I’m thrilled to be part of our History Book “team” and would welcome the chance to quote/provide samples and/or meet with you and your group.

There seems to be a surge in interest in capturing Historical events in print and we’re glad you’ve expressed an interest in Friesens.

I’m located in Kitchener ON and travel the entire province.  On a personal note, I’ve been helping folks put books together for over 30 years and would love the chance to work with you.  Small or large runs, black & white or colour, hard or soft cover, we can build a book to fit your needs and I’ll be there to help.

If you’re at all interested in attempting to catch the magic of your historical journey, please contact me and let’s chat.

Ron Such
Phone: 902.680.2498
Email: rons@friesens.com