Blog | Gardapat

July 14, 2015



Friesens has worked with Italian paper mill Cartiere del Garda for many years. They produce the Garda Silk and Garda Gloss paper, considered by many to be one of the finest coated papers available in Europe and North America. We also occasionally use another one of their papers called GardaPat 13. We bring this specialty paper in upon request.

Until now there has not been a stocking program for this paper in North America. However, we have partnered with Garda to create a stocking program for two different weights, 90 lb. and 102 lb. GardaPat 13 Kiara. This makes this paper more economical and readily available at several of our larger format sizes.

GardaPat 13 Kiara is a paper with the same characteristics which have been the success of the existing GardaPat 13 products:

  • Woodfree coated paper with matte surface and high bulk
  • Velvet surface
  • ECF – Acid free
  • Age resistant
  • Always guaranteed as FSC® certified

The distinguishing feature of this GardaPat 13 Kiara paper is in the warm white shade. It is a paper designed for high-fidelity work often needed for many Art Gallery and Museum published works.

Cartiere del Garda continues to invest in the research of innovative products, anticipating its customers’ needs and combining maximum quality with environmental respect. Friesens continues to invest in new technology from colour management to print, and finishing options. This really is a perfect partnership for those needing the highest quality books.

The entire GardaPat 13 range is now produced with new technology that enables even higher product quality and superior printing results, including:

  • higher printing gloss
  • a smoother surface
  • superior printability

Please call your Friesens sales representative to find out more and request a printed sample.