Blog | Friesens Covid-19 Update April 17, 2020

April 17, 2020

Friesens Covid-19 Update April 17, 2020

Finally, a Friday in April with no snow, and it feels like spring!

The first holiday weekend during the COVID-19 pandemic has come and gone, and while it was certainly different, many of us were able to get together as a family in some way. For us, that involved setting up my in-laws remotely on Zoom so they could connect with their family. My nearly eighty-year old mother-in-law is no slouch when it comes to technology! So, a Zoom call and a digital picture frame with more than four hundred images of family filled the void for them on Easter Sunday.

Besides waking up to snow for Easter, we also had a visitor. The handsome little guy pictured below showed up, and he is clearly not a wild cat. He had some ear issues, and we have two cats, so he has been living in isolation in our heated shop. A quick trip to the vet brought medication that cleared it up. Going to the vet in this period seems like some sort of shady deal. You put the animal in a cage on the table or leave your dog on a leash attached to a hook. You leave the vestibule and go back to your car. The staff come and take the animal in, do what they need to do, and then repeat the process in reverse to get your pet back. Strange, but effective and safe.

Ads about the cat produced no response, but we found him a good home, so he heads there today. 

On many fronts, it seems like we are starting to win the battle against the virus. In Manitoba, we have had days with no new cases reported. That does not mean we can let our guard down, but it is heartening.

The creativity we see from many businesses in trying to fill voids is amazing; the most recent example here is the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg shifting from producing coins for the global market to retooling to produce hand sanitizer.

The generosity and strength of the human sprit also continues to shine in so many ways, but the story of a veteran from Florida supporting a local restaurant is truly amazing.

 As is the one of an anonymous citizen in Iowa stepping up to support a small town’s residents.

At the plant, our new expansion passed inspection, which means we can now start moving equipment in and developing the space. Installation of our new (second) jet varnish machine is just about done, and testing should start this week.

When our customers are ready to get back to full speed, we will be too. In the meantime, we are currently still fully operational, the border continues to function, materials are coming in, and books are going out.

If you can print but not ship, we have room to store product for up to sixty days at no charge. We can also to direct shipments to your customers if needed. Let us know how we can help.

That’s it for this week. From our families at Friesens to yours, stay safe and healthy.

Doug Symington
General Sales Manager