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November 17, 2017


Friesens was the recipient of eleven awards at the 2017 Print Industries of America (PIA) competition. Every year we have the pleasure of working on some amazing projects. This year was no exception.

Each year we submit multiple entries of the best work we do, and each year one of the most difficult decisions for us is narrowing down our selection of books to enter. The judges are always looking for something unique and different that will make the printed project stand out. This year we submitted sixteen unique projects for the competition.

There are thousands of entries every year representing printing companies from around the world. Of all the awards handed out, the Benny (named after Benjamin Franklin) is the highest honour given. It is often referred to as “The Oscar” of the printing industry.

We were pleased that eleven of our sixteen entries received awards. This is an amazing accomplishment, considering how many companies and projects are submitted. Like any great team, it takes more than just a great printer to produce a winner. It takes the writer, designer, publisher, and manufacturer to put it all together in one great package.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to trust us with your work.

Following are the award winners (some were entered in multiple categories):

  •  Heffel Fine Art
  •  William P. McElligot Photography
  •  Figure 1 Publishing
  •  Page Two
  •  Bruce Babbitt
  •  University of Texas Press
  •  Goose Lane Publishing
  •  WJD Press
  •  Think4D
  •  Friesens 2017 Engagement Diary