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October 09, 2014

Fall Checklist

The leaves are starting to turn from green to red, orange and yellow. I told them to stop, but much to my chagrin they’re not listening… It’s true – it’s officially Fall – grab your pumpkin latte or cup of java and let’s review what needs to get done before “that which shall not be named” falls. If you are unsure of what I am referring to you are either in a locale that stays above freezing all year, or in denial of what season comes next.

To the list….here we go.


  • Tweak and finalize theme.
  • Confirm final specs with your sales consultant.
  • Review Friesens Event Marketing promotion calendar. Organize for upcoming events.
  • Make final decision on the cover & endsheets. Submit your cover and endsheets to the plant.
  • Check with your photographer to get a date on the completed portrait CD.
  • Check your coverage plan. Did you cover all events and aspects of student life? Make any necessary adjustments on the page ladder
  • Plan group/club photos. Remember to list students’ names in the correct order to match where they stand in the photo.
  • Start selling business ad pages for space in your yearbook.
  • Look to the end of the year, plan your yearbook signing party and distribution dates, and reserve the facilities. Tell Friesens these dates to ensure you receive your books at the right time.
  • Review training needs and book any needed training with your Friesens Customer Service Specialist or Print Consultant.

Odia Reimer
Marketing Coordinator

No matter what people tell you, words, ideas can change the world. – Robin Williams