Blog | Enhanced Experience for MyBooks Users

August 19, 2020

Enhanced Experience for MyBooks Users

Ryan Hildebrand, Canadian Sales Manager

MyBooks is our online customer portal for managing projects. We continue to develop new tools and provide updates to improve our customers’ experience when using MyBooks. In the past few months, we have made some changes. Following is a list of updates made in recent months:

1. Cover templates – If you have a job already open and you go into the templates tool under that job, it will selfpopulate the job specs from that title into the template. This helps to minimize the time it takes to create a template and helps eliminate any potential entry errors.

2. Quote tab – Sometimes book specs change during the lifecycle of a project. To make it easier for you to find a quote associated with the job in MyBooks, we have created a quote tab under each job. This allows you to quickly find and review your quote associated with that job.

3. Preflight and Proofing – To improve the intuitiveness of this area, we have reorganized the page so that preflight issues are now above the proof information. The goal is to provide a top-down experience where the user can work from the top (preflight issues) down to the proof. We feel this will provide a cleaner, more intuitive flow that results in a better user experience.

4. Shipping tab – There are three items of improvement under this tab:

  • i. If we have received your shipping information and have the appropriate details, the shipping details tab has a summary of what we entered for shipping instructions.
  • ii. If your book has already shipped, you will find information here about items shipped, specific carrier information, and tracking number details.
  • iii. If you need to share this information with others you can export a report using the export option for your convenience.

5. Request Support – Sometimes customers have questions as they navigate MyBooks, so we created a “Request Support” button on the bottom right to make it convenient for requesting support and sending a quick message to our technical support team.

We hope you will find these changes helpful and beneficial as you navigate through MyBooks to manage your book projects at Friesens.