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January 15, 2019

DESIGN – Do you love to design well?

Do you love to design well? Rhetorical question?  Maybe, but it does allow us to ask where we can find inspiration. Perhaps it is landscape or photography, maybe it’s in magazines, and some peruse other yearbooks. Those are all valid and even valuable places to find your muse.  Another place to look – the internet – the same place you stream, browse, shop and play. Sorry for being facetious, but seriously, consider signing up for design newsletters. Pinterest has a plethora of great resources.  Really, just have a look. A quick search on Google using two words, “Pinterest yearbook” returns about 7,920,000 results. 

Here are some from the first page alone. Granted, you will find some repeating, but sometimes that just might mean that many people think they are great pieces.

Have you ever used the words ‘graphic design trends’ (with trends being a key add-in here) in your search to inspire you?  Search for this year or last year or next year.  An interesting website predicted in June of 2018, the upcoming trends for 2019.  Some are similar to what we saw last year, but there are some variations here. Top Graphic Design Trends 2019, click here for the link. Some interesting additions are “Digitization of Handwork” and a pull towards “Creative Photos” (see image samples). Be aware of trends, but don’t let them rule you – What’s trending in the design world is constantly changing, and while you want to be sure a yearbook is modern, you don’t want to look back at it 10 years from now and ask what the designers were thinking, that’s what haircuts are for. Where do you get your inspiration from?  We’d love to hear about it.  Tell your Yearbook Consultant so they can share it with others like you!

Digitization of Handwork

 Creative Photos

Nabil Mouallem
Friesens Yearbook Consultant