Friesens Sponsors Kiddie Sunshine Centre November 16, 2020


We are proud to announce that Friesens Corporation will be the Title Sponsor of an expansion plan at Kiddie Sunshine Centre (KSC) that will add at least 28 new childcare spaces in Altona. This is an important initiative as childcare in our region is under-served, with space available for only 4% of children 0-12 years of age versus the provincial average of 17%. Availability of childcare is a key factor in the health of our community and in our company’s ability to attract and retain parents of young children.

Our objectives for this title sponsorship are to:

  • Help improve the community
  • Provide Friesens employees with priority access to childcare spaces
  • Make it easier for employees to return to work after maternity/paternity leave
  • Attract parents of young children to join our team

 “We are excited to engage with the community and to launch with one of the largest employers in Altona ready to help our vision become a reality” says Laura Wiebe, President of the Board of Directors of Kiddie Sunshine Centre.

“Availability of childcare is a key component to the health of our community and the health of our company. As a community-builder, we are excited to support Kiddie Sunshine Centre in this initiative and look forward to working closely with the KSC team  who share our values of serving others”  says President and CEO of Friesens Corporation, Chad Friesen.

Early childhood education plays a critical role in supporting the economic development of the community. For every $1 invested in childcare $1.58 is generated in local benefits. It helps attract and retain top talent, creates local jobs, and supports diversity & inclusion as it fundamentally supports the retention and advancement of women in the workplace.

We are pleased to play a key role in addressing this important need for our community.