COVID-19 UPDATE April 03, 2020

These are some steps we’re taking in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Our Commitment to our Employee-Owners

Throughout every action and decision we make, the health and well-being of our employee-owners are paramount. We are adjusting our protocols to match WHO and Canadian Health Agency standards and regularly communicating with our teams.

This includes:

  • Restricting all business travel for the company and visitors to Friesens
  • Increasing the cleaning of shared spaces throughout our facilities
  • Enacting physical distancing practices and educating our employees on all necessary precautions
  • Planning for parents that need to take time off to care for their children
  • Helping individuals enter self-isolation
  • We have transitioned to virtual meetings throughout the company
  • We’re encouraging employees to stay home if they are showing any symptoms


Our Commitment to our Customers

Our secondary objective is to maintain business operations, as long as we can do so safely.. At this time, many employee-owners are working from home and production lines are all running. We have capacity available to help customers that are looking for support.

This is a challenging season for all of us, we value our relationship and as we move forward through this tumultuous time we want to do so in an open and safe manner. As this situation is evolving quickly, we encourage you to be in regular communication with your sales and service representatives from Friesens.


Our Commitment to our Community

Friesens is community. We operate in a small town named Altona, located in Southern Manitoba. Our decisions are influenced by what is best for the community that surrounds us. We seek to be healthy both physically and financially so that we can support our community long-term. We’ve been building a business and a community for the last 113 years, and we expect to do the same for many years to come.

Thank you for your business and your care.

Friesens Corporation