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July 07, 2020

Book Your Book

There are numerous benefits and rewards to booking in advance, or making reservations for vacations, business trips or celebrating a special occasion. Generally speaking, a person can save much time, increase organizational efficiency, and decrease stress by booking these events early. The same standard holds true when thinking about the right time to have your book printed.  When is the right time? The earlier the better!

Other advantages to booking your print projects early is that you can check every detail and be prepared for any contingency. Coordinating your schedule with Friesens is a key component in making sure everything runs smoothly from early file submissions to release dates and delivery. Another benefit to booking early centers around commitment. Everyone is busy and life can interrupt even the best-laid plans, but if you’ve already made the arrangements, booked the time and committed yourself to the project you will more likely remain focused and follow through.

Even though 2020 started out as a year of uncertainty, on a positive note, Friesens has continued to work steadily, focusing our energies on planning for the upcoming months. Rather than slowing down, things are speeding up and we want to be ready for the busy summer/fall season.  Publishers Weekly magazine has reported that many independent publishers revealed that sales are – surprisingly – up for the year, rallying due to a variety of factors. The magazine states: “…there has been a strong interest in backlist titles, direct sales to consumers, and enhanced digital initiatives.” This news bodes well for the printing industry and for our customers.

Think of this as a friendly reminder that if you have not already planned and booked your upcoming book projects, we would encourage you to consider doing that now. Connect with your Friesens representative, who can advise you on current loading and capacity and can help ensure you get your books when you need them. Our goal is to manage our business so we can provide you with accurate schedules and delivery dates