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Blemishes, Backpacks, Backlights and Backgrounds – working with images in Photoshop

Have you ever had images that don’t quite work for your yearbook?  It’s Almost perfect, but something is wrong? Maybe you can’t put a finger on it, or maybe there is a finger over the lens.  Well, the latter may not be salvageable, but the former may be. Here are some thoughts. “How To Remove […]

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Yearbook is a form of Journalism

“Our school does not teach journalism. We just advise the yearbook” Too often we hear these words when talking to advisers about the work they do with their students to produce a yearbook. As yearbook professionals we are here to tell you, no matter the format of your yearbook, the work of journalists boils down […]

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If you think photos make the yearbook – you are correct!

How to Get Great Photos – Basics: Check your equipment – Memory Card? Battery? Flash? Familiarize yourself with events – know who to talk to and when Create list of coverage – before, during & after the event Always watch the event through the view finder Types of Photos: Candids: Capture peak moments of action […]

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Yearbook is supposed to be fun…right? It’s so easy to forget that when we are in the middle of deadlines, tracking down photos, proofreading, and all the other details that cannot be overlooked when creating a yearbook. Injecting some fun mid year to your yearbook class is a great way to keep everyone engaged and […]

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Your page ladder is your blueprint for building your book. The page ladder is your page-by-page diagram indicating the content for each page. You should follow these guidelines when creating your page ladder. 1. Determine how many pages in your yearbook. See how many pages were in last year’s book. Is your student population the […]

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DESIGN – Do you love to design well?

Do you love to design well? Rhetorical question?  Maybe, but it does allow us to ask where we can find inspiration. Perhaps it is landscape or photography, maybe it’s in magazines, and some peruse other yearbooks. Those are all valid and even valuable places to find your muse.  Another place to look – the internet […]

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Interviewing tips and questions

Filling the yearbook with your school’s stories can feel like an overwhelming task; in order to unearth great stories, you must have strategic planning in place. I always tell my students to look at the planning process the same as you would if you were to bake chocolate chip cookies, you need a recipe and […]

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Design Tips

Being responsible for the design of a book that will become a lifelong keepsake can be an overwhelming process. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Settle on a theme and carry this from the cover, to the endsheets and through the content of your book. Choose a maximum of 3-5 fonts. Any more […]

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The way you organize the order in which your content will appear in the yearbook is one of the first decisions you need to make. It may even have an impact on what theme you choose for a given year. Section Approach The first is the sectional approach where you divide your book into sections […]

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Sell it Tips!

Why Advertise your Yearbook? Because it provides information! Why Market your Yearbook?  You work hard to create it – Highlight it!  Promote it!  Be Proud! Whether your school provides your yearbook to each student or you Sell It, promote it!   Top Sell It Suggestions & *Friesens Tools: Provide the option to purchase your yearbook […]

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