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Updating Packing Profiles

Ralph Hamm, Customer Service Manager Several recent communications with different customers reminded me of the importance of discussing and updating packing profiles. At Friesens, we work with a wide variety of customers. Some customers are very familiar with packing profiles and others might be questioning what it is and why it is important. Each distributor, […]

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Paper, Paper, Paper

By Andrew Fennell, VP of Finance Paper Supply Challenges While there is still an imbalance between supply and demand for paper, the paper delays and shortages that we have experienced over the last eighteen months (and the unrelenting price increases) have abated! In addition, trucking and shipping issues have dissipated considerably, although the high cost […]

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Your pages are finished and ready to submit for printing…but wait! There is one more step before you press the approve button. PROOFREADING! Proofing is a vital step in making sure your yearbook is the best it can be. While it is so essential to the quality of a great book, it is one of […]

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The road to a finished yearbook is long and exhausting. At this time of year staff morale may be at an all time low and your progress may begin to stall. Now is the time for some motivation to push though.  People are motivated by different things. Consider some of the following encouragement that are […]

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Friesens Environmental Commitment

Friesens Commitment to the environment is built around making the best use of all our resources, and minimizing our ecological footprint. We use our resources as carefully as possible – reusing and recycling whatever we can. Any waste that leaves our plant is recycled in such a manner that it can be used again.  It […]

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Have you ever received your yearbook and on inspection realized that some of the colours were not what you were expecting? This can happen if you don’t pay attention to what colour profile you are using when designing or choosing custom colours. Your colours look different on screen, because your computer displays in RGB (Red, […]

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2020 Pantone Colour of the Year

Introducing PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue! The Pantone Institute describes Classic Blue as a colour that instills calm, confidence, and connection. This enduring blue hue highlights the desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era. Suggestive of the sky at dusk, Classic Blue is […]

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The yearbook is a collaboration of many different people, so without guidelines you run the risk of having your book become unorganized and inconsistent.  If set up and used correctly, a style guide will set standards for staff working on different sections, to create a finished yearbook that is cohesive and consistent.  By creating a […]

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Did you know that the smell that emanates when you open a book has a name? Bibliosmia! Oliver Tearle, a lecturer in English at Loughborough University coined the term Bibliosmia in 2014 by combining the Greek words for ‘book’ and ‘smell’. Why do books smell the way they do?  Science tells us that old books […]

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You have been working on your theme and have brainstormed some ideas, now comes the time to start finalizing your page design.  One way to streamline this process while creating a consistent look throughout your book is to create a yearbook style sheet. To take the layout portion of your style guide to the next […]

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