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November 10, 2017

Anthem Plus Paper

Recently, we made a decision to expand our category of coated papers in our “house” inventory paper portfolio. We have been stocking just two coated papers for many years, and decided to add a third option on a limited basis: Anthem Plus (Gloss and Satin).

Up to now, we have held inventory of the following:

  •  60# Sterling Premium Gloss
  •  70# Sterling Premium Gloss
  •  70# Sterling Premium Matte
  •  80# Sterling Premium Gloss
  •  80# Sterling Premium Matte
  •  100# Sterling Premium Matte
  •  80# Garda Gloss
  •  80# Garda Silk
  •  100# Garda Gloss
  •  100# Garda Silk

As of October 2017, in addition to the items above, we have in stock:

  •  60# Anthem Plus Gloss
  •  80# Anthem Plus Satin
  •  100# Anthem Plus Satin

The intent is to add flexibility in our inventory, address the needs of specific customers, and introduce a paper that is both readily available (manufactured in Wisconsin) and known as a well-established “workhorse” in pressrooms throughout North America.

We have already tested the Anthem Plus paper and are quite pleased with the results. Here are some of the highlights of this paper:

  •  92 bright, blue-white shades
  •  Available in gloss, dull, and satin finishes
  •  60# text up to 130# cover basis weights available
  •  Acid-free and manufactured using elemental chlorine-free bleach (ECF)
  •  Chain-of-custody fibre: FSC-certified