Blog | Friesens Covid-19 Update April 24, 2020

April 24, 2020

Friesens Covid-19 Update April 24, 2020

Spring is here! We have been getting temperatures in the double digits for a few days now and it looks to be continuing into next week, so that is truly good news. Spring came slowly, and while for those of us wanting to get outside and focus on summer chores that is not great, it was the ideal spring for those who monitor the flooding and flood conditions. The Red River has crested, and flooding was minimal. So, one less challenge to deal with.

Another sure sign of spring is the end of maple syrup season and the start of gardening season. Many customers have asked how I’m finding staying home so much. I am sure at times I get in Deb’s way, but it has been nice to be able to help her more. In addition to the jars of maple syrup below, there are another seven in our basement cold storage room, enough that we can share with friends and family. It is about a 40:1 ratio of sap to finished product. Once there are no longer freezing temperatures at night, the sap slowly stops running and gets more of a green taste. In the meantime, we are also starting our plants for the garden. Below are the first of our many tomato plants popping up. A long way from a BLT, sauce, or salad, but a sign of warmer days ahead.

The province continues to fare well on the COVID-19 front; the many steps taken seem to have slowed the spread and flattened the curve. It does seem like a lot more than six weeks since we went into isolation mode, but that is what it has been. The progress has allowed the provincial government to start talking about slowly phasing in steps to reopen the provincial economy. We are supposed to receive more details next week. Whatever they decide, we understand it will be a very slow, step-by-step approach. We will see if it impacts Friesens and let you know of any changes next week.

We continue to see organizations and companies step up to serve the challenging needs of various groups during this period. We often work with First Book Canada to get books to places where they can be distributed to those who need them. COVID-19 has them taking on a bigger challenge, as detailed in the link below.

The plant continues to be fully functional, and storage space continues to open as books move out. If you have challenges, we might be able to help. Talk to your account manager; we have been finding ways to make things work for many customers, so do not hesitate to ask.  Right now, schedules are flexible, and we can turn projects around a little faster than normal.

The cat (Buckaroo) from last week’s newsletter has found a “furever home” as they say, so all is well.

More news next week. In the meantime, from our families at Friesens to yours, stay well.


Doug Symington

General Sales Manager