Blog | March 27, 2020 COVID-19 Update

March 27, 2020

March 27, 2020 COVID-19 Update

Greetings from Manitoba.

In this extremely challenging environment, we are going to try and send an update once a week to let you know what’s happening at the Plant and here in Manitoba.

It’s a difficult line to walk between filling your inbox and not sending enough information, but unless things change, we think once a week at the end of the week is enough.

Manitoba continues to have a low rate of infection, 35 cases and testing is ongoing with over 5500 people tested.

Right now, all at the plants is operating and functioning normally. The Border remains open and we are not experiencing any issues there.

We have staff working from home and the very structure of the plant allows for a fair amount of social distancing.

Many customers are taking us up on our offer to store books and we still have space to do that, if you have a need for that contact your Account Manager or CSR.

During this period when talking to customers we hear a lot of background noise, dogs, cats, kids and spouses. That is the reality of working from home and in many ways, it is a pleasant reminder of what’s important at times like these.

In the meantime, many of us are learning new skills and doing different tasks, for all of us who struggle with Social media perhaps none have done it with the grace of Tim at the Oklahoma Cowboy Museum.…/cowboy-museum-oklahoma-sec…/index.html

We see companies like Dyson switching from Vacuums to Ventilators in an incredible fast turn, in Manitoba we have seen the Farmery Estate Brewer adding the ability to produce hand sanitizer in addition to beer. They are actually canning it.

We also send our sincere thanks to all the Retail workers, Truck drivers, EMT’s , Nurses and Doctors. They are on the front lines and their work is non-stop.

That’s it for today, from our families at Friesens to yours stay safe and healthy.

Doug Symington
General Sales Manager