Blog | 6 Easy Steps to Complete your Yearbook Portrait Pages

October 16, 2017

6 Easy Steps to Complete your Yearbook Portrait Pages

During the fall months, one of your main focuses for your yearbook project is managing your portraits! As portraits are often the least exciting aspect of yearbook, it’s best to complete that part as early as you can! Or as I like to put it, “get it out of the way”. On top of that, it’s an excellent way to get lots of pages completed which counts towards your deadlines and helps for a smooth, on-time delivery for your finished yearbooks!

Below is a step by step help guide to make your entire portrait process much simpler.

Step 1: Make sure everyone gets their portrait taken!
With help from your school admin, make sure everyone that wants their portrait taken and in yearbook ACTUALLY have a portrait! Re-take day is a very important day for those who missed the original day(s) of portrait taking.

Step 2: Connect with your photography company!
Make sure you’re on your company’s radar. These companies are extremely busy at this time of year getting finished portraits out to school. Help them prioritize their work by sending them friendly emails, or phone calls checking in on the status of your school portraits. Schools that aren’t proactive with their photography companies can sometimes get their portraits much later than preferred.

Step 3: Ask your Friesens Service Specialist for help!
Once your photography company has sent you the portraits, contact your Friesens Customer Service Specialist for assistance on how to upload your portraits to ConnectMe. Your Service Specialist can help you via phone and/or online webinar.

Step 4: Edit! Edit! Edit!
Nobody likes to deal with upset parents/students when names are spelled incorrectly in the yearbook. Once your portraits are uploaded to ConnectMe, your first job is to edit all the names! Best to get this done with right away!

Step 5: Design & Flow!
Once all name spellings are confirmed, you’re ready to design & flow the portraits to your pages. This is a simple three step process in the ConnectMe portraits tab. Ask your Service Specialist for assistance or use the ConnectMe Help menu located at the top right corner in ConnectMe.

Step 6: Proof your pages!
Last step! Open those pages that now have your portraits on them, and make sure they look how you intended.

Don’t hesitate asking your Friesens Customer Service Specialist for help at any stage of managing your portraits, or anything at all regarding your yearbook!

Written by Jayden Nickel
Friesens Customer Service Specialist