Blog | 2021-2022 Trends: Photography

October 28, 2021

2021-2022 Trends: Photography

The first permanent photograph was made in the mid-1820’s, and in the two centuries since, technology has changed drastically, allowing for not only more detail, but granting the opportunity to capture images of incredible new places, from the depths of the ocean, to stars thousands of light years away.

Like denim jeans and the controversial side part, photography trends also tend to ebb and flow, with some styles cycling in and out over years, or entirely new artistry appearing on the horizon. Here’s what we’re seeing for popular photo techniques for this year.

Inclusivity & Diversity

This may sound like a no-brainer first entry, but you might be surprised! Humanity is an incredible mosaic of ethnicities, orientations, body types, ages, and capabilities. Consumers want to see themselves in advertising, and photographers are capturing this accordingly. Make sure your yearbook runs the gamut of the student population.

Digital Meets Reality

CGI, augmented reality, even normal image editing means that all photography is touched by the digital world. This can be used as a form of escapism, or simply as a way to bring the fantastical to life. You can supplement your photography with some digital creativity, but keep in mind, your yearbook is meant to be an accurate-to-life record of your year, so you may want to keep this to a minimum.

Muted Colour

Inspired by Instagram filters, a large number of new photographers are recreating the desaturated photography of the middle of the previous century. This can be used to great effect, especially in then-and-now photo sets.

Smaller Groups & Individuals

2020 saw the rapid decline of huge groups, both in photos and in person. What resulted was a renaissance of the individual portrait. The fewer faces that need to be focused on, the higher degree of emotion you can capture in a single moment.

Unedited Beauty

Around the world, we’re starting to see more of the unedited, raw beauty that can be captured in a photograph. While the airbrushed, Instagram model images have their place, artists are trying to capture the here-and-now, allowing for high-detail photos that display the flaws, rather than hide them or cover them up.

This list is far from exhaustive, and can be broken down or mixed up or not used at all. What are your plans for your yearbook photos?

Shayleah Funk
Marketing Coordinator