Blog | 2018 Thank You!

June 21, 2018

2018 Thank You!

This week we celebrated another successful spring yearbook season at Friesens! Now I know you are wondering…Why are you celebrating? Isn’t this what you do? Friesens is a yearbook company after all…

Well actually, Friesens makes all kinds of books in addition to yearbooks. We’re busy printing trade books, coffee table books, presentation boxes, and packaging products all year round. But when yearbook season hits, it’s all hands on deck. Our presses are humming, our staff are working hard, and every one of our employee-owners does their part to ensure our customers get their yearbooks on time and looking just the way they want them.

The important question you should ask next is – How did you say thanks to over 500 people? Well, I’m so glad you asked! To honor one of the local traditions here in Southern Manitoba, we served watermelon and roll kuchen…of course. How else could we say thanks?

Roll what? Roll Kuchen (Roll COO-ken)…If you haven’t heard of this Mennonite delicacy before – no worries. I hadn’t either before I moved here, and I’m Mennonite! It’s a cross between a donut and beaver tail, just not as sweet (hence the need for corn syrup or jam). I think every culture has some sort of fried dough.

We cut over 20 watermelons and served over 1500 pieces of roll kuchen to our employee-owners.

Thanks for the fantastic 2018 Spring Yearbook delivery!

Cameron Fay, Jaimie Dueck, and Chad Friesen (Nice Aprons!)

Danielle Abrams and Chris Dueck

Kevin Peters enjoying watermelon and roll kuchen with a drizzle of rogers golden syrup of course!

Written by
Odia Reimer
Yearbook Marketing Manager